Masterclass Agenda


Day 1 
Reset your leadership style to realise your goals 
  • Understand the new world in which we are operating and the multi-dimensional style of leadership that is required post pandemic 
  • Unpack the characteristics and skills of exemplary leaders  
  • Examine your natural leadership style and learn how to adapt this to the needs of your team 
  • Set yourself up for success by truly understanding your purpose, what drives you, and committing to realising your goals
    • Session 1 Reflection and Assignment  
Mini 360 Leadership Assignment. Each participant selects 3-5 peers and direct mangers to rate them on the characteristics of exemplary leadership. Participants will formulate a plan of action to improve one key area which has been identified in session 1 as requiring focus during the program duration.
Day 2 
Build your capability to influence and lead 
  • Increase your capability to influence, collaborate and lead others with care, respect and compassion  
  • Build resilience within yourself and your team 
  • Re-examine old ways of doing things; be ruthless in removing processes that are not serving you 
  • Recognise the opportunity to implement changes for growth and be open to new ideas   
    • Session 2 Reflection and Assignment 
Participants do self-assessment of behaviours, identify processes that are not serving them, workout which ones they can remove, how they will do that. Participants will feedback in session how they’ve achieved this. Participants to prepare for session 3 by identifying what challenges stand in their way of being a confident, compassionate, commercial leader.
Day 3 
Overcoming challenges to be a confident, compassionate and commercial leader 
  • Employ innovative strategies that will help you lead more effectively through major change and uncertainty 
  • Understand how values, perceptions, self-confidence and typical reactions to change affect our ability to lead      
  • Move from behaviours that control or micromanage, to processes and behaviours that empower, engage, and build commitment around the common goal  
  • Provide reassurance when necessary, pay attention to signs of exhaustion and provide support to those who need it
    • Session 3 Reflection and Assignment 
This reflection exercise will allow participants to see what skills they have implemented already and evaluate how this is impacting their key area of focus. The findings will be unpacked in session 4, feeding into the topics of vulnerability, transparency and real-life application of lessons learned. 
Day 4 
Communicate with transparency, authenticity and when necessary, vulnerability 
  • Use transparency to create an environment where your team can openly share perspectives, opinions, strengths and weaknesses helping you to become more strategic in task giving 
  • Use authenticity to reduce tensions and conflicts 
  • Recognising vulnerability as a strength used to create better bonds, build trust and respect to drive engagement and performance 
  • Balance execution with empathy - how to integrate the ‘soft’ skills and qualities to your role whilst getting the job done   
    • Session 4 will include an exclusive interview with a surprise guest and expert leader.  Participants will be given the opportunity to ask questions and hear firsthand from someone who has implemented the principles addressed in the training program. The last session will be followed by networking drinks. 
All attendees will receive a comprehensive training booklet and certificate upon completion of the program.