Georgia Ellis, Founder, Blue Chip Minds 
Georgia knows that leadership mastery is an ongoing process, she works with Mangers and Leaders to discover and deploy their unique leadership style. 
After 22 years navigating the corporate world, managing teams from three to three hundred and 10 years as a business owner, she understands the demands on modern day leaders and the internal battle between listening to your inner voice and the ever-increasing noise and rapid change of the outside world.  
She has spent 20 years researching human potential, philosophy, spirituality, Flow, neuroscience, ancient wisdom, quantum physics, epigenetics, psychology and various business and leadership models in search of ways to be a better leader and guide others to do the same. 
Georgia has taught individuals and teams in over seventeen countries. She is the Founder of Blue Chip Minds, the creator of numerous personal and professional development programs and hosts of the “Ellis in Wunderland” Podcast. She works with organisations and individuals who are caught in a cycle of conventional thinking, unable to shift results, overwhelmed by all the ‘noise’ or in the midst of adjusting their sails to not only meet the demands of the ever-changing landscape but to thrive in our modern world. 
Sally Foley Lewis, Productivity & Self-Leadership Expert, People & Productivity™
Sally helps managers be high performing, purposeful and productive. Obsessed with boosting productive- and self-leadership that ensures people reach their potential. Sally’s presentations and workshops positively impacts your results, confidence and effectiveness.  
She is a global professional speaker, and has authored multiple books. Her book The Productive Leader received an endorsement from the renowned global personal development guru Brian Tracy. The drive to support and skill managers comes from her own senior leadership experiences. Sally delivers presentations, keynote speeches, workshops and coaching - all online and face-to-face - to help skill managers, boost productivity and self-leadership.  
Blending 20+ years of working with a diverse range of people and industries, in Germany, the Middle East, Asia and across Australia Sally has extensive qualifications, a wicked sense of humour and an ability to make people feel at ease. Sally’s your first choice for inspiration, mastering skills, facilitating action and achieving results 
Shelly McElroy, Facilitator, Leading Teams
Shelly is an expert facilitator of high performance; she helps teams and leaders to improve performance through implementing programs that help create sustained cultural change and leadership development.  
Shelly has been part of Leading Teams for over 3 years, during that time she has worked with leaders and teams from a diverse range of industries. Having experience as a client prior, she will take you on a journey of self-discovery and evolutionary Leadership.  
Shelly has always been involved with and lead teams in fast paced environments. She has experience in both the media and communications, and hospitality industries. She has vast leadership and culture change experience, having led teams of over 120 people to achieve record results in General Manger capacities. 
Shelly prides herself on being driven, engaging, honest and patient. Her proudest team is her family, husband Dave and two children Alfie and Evie-Rose.  
Liz Del Borrello, Director & Coach, Chief Reputation Officer 
Liz is high energy passionate coach who is enthusiastic about all things leadership. She has held numerous leadership roles during her 25-years corporate career. Working with high profile local and global brands – coaching CEOs, CFOs, executives, general managers and board members. 
Liz now coaches leaders to increase the influence they have in their career and community. She believes that purpose is the “new black” and that a strong sense of self is the foundation for authentic leadership.
Liz is thrilled to be seeing outdated thinking shift about “feminine traits” in the workplace. With empathy and compassion key competencies for all leaders during COVID. She believes that people-focussed, purpose driven leaders and businesses will succeed in the post-pandemic world. 
Ally Nitschke, Leadership Coach, Made for More
As an Executive Leadership Coach and accredited Life Design Coach, Ally Nitschke is uncompromising when it comes to results. She calls a spade a spade, a straight talking, pull-no-punches coach that works with leaders to cut through to the heart of the issues. As an NLP Master Practitioner Ally combines her unique experience with Neuro-science to help leaders and organisations smash through their own limitations. 
With over 15 years of leadership experience working as a leader and partnering with some of Australia’s iconic organisations, Ally knows that being able to have Courageous Conversations are pivotal to a leader’s success. Having led large teams and small teams, and turning around toxic teams, Ally is an expert in bringing perceived tough conversations to the forefront and creating a culture of feedback and robust conversation which significantly reduces performance issues, increases productivity, performance and morale.  
Mel Rowsell, Principal Coach, Wisdom At Work 
Mel Rowsell is leadership coach, facilitator and consultant. She has a background in helping ambitious and high performance leaders and companies. She co-founded technology success story Vend and scaled an award winning culture along the way. She guides entrepreneurs and leaders to be the best they can with an emphasis on difficult conversations, building resilience, self mastery and mastering the human connection at work.  
Mel is a Neuroleadership Institute trained coach with five years of experience coaching CEOs, founders, and leaders of all levels. Combining this with 20 years of practical leadership experience, and commercial nous, Mel brings a unique lens to coaching. Mel’s niche is bringing the human element back into the workplace. This combination of the human element and the practical, commercial and analytical is what sets her apart.